yasser air-sav

Syed Yasser Alhady, Production Engineer, OSRAM (M) Sdn Bhd

“It’s brilliant to apply airbag for riders like myself. I am no longer feel extremely fragile when riding my bike to work. Thanks AIR-SAV!”.




Nazirul Aqib, Director, SNYBOX Sdn Bhd

“I love speed and I love super bikes. AIR-SAV has given me the confidence to ride everyday to my office and to meet my family in Penang”.




Husyaini Razak, Site Engineer, Tokai Engineering Sdn Bhd

“I’m using AIR-SAV everyday. I believe the Malaysian government will make airbag jacket as a compulsory safety gear for motorcyclist in the near future”.


AIR-SAV, Motorcycle Airbag Safety Jacket Malaysia