How the airbag system work?

AIRSAV, motorcycle airbag vest is the necessary equipment for riders, the AIRBAG SYSTEM is designed to withstand impact and can minimize the risks from serious injury or even fatality
For example: Chest, vertebra, abdomen, cervical vertebra, waist. Protects these spots effectively, can avoid in the high speed travel, because the accident hits is injured seriously or the death which creates.

AIRSAV, motorcycle airbag vest is suitable for motorcycle-riding and horse-riding as the ultimate safety gear. When crash occurs, riders are thrown from the motorcycle and during in midair, AIRBAG SYSTEM will fully deploy within 0.15 – 0.33 seconds to absorb the high impact.


Flow Diagram

AIR-SAV 1.gif
Original Condition
AIR-SAV 2.gif
Airbag Deploying
AIR-SAV 3.gif
Airbag Fully Deployed


AIRSAV engineers combine the detailed knowledge of mechanical, chemical and fluid power system principles to create a high efficiency, high speed and small size airbag system.


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