Q: AIRSAV Motorcycle Airbag Safety Jacket is reusable?

A: Yes, it can be reused if it has not been damaged. Replace the gas cartridge using the setting bolt and the hexagon wrench supplied with the AIRSAV. If there is a damage to the airbag, ask an authorized dealer for a maintenance check.

Q: If a rider forgets to disconnect the coiled wire and dismantle a motorcycle, will the airbag be activated?

A: A tensile force of about 25kg is needed to release the key ball to activate the airbag. Normally, the dismounting rider feels a strong tug to know that he/she has to disconnect the coiled wire before the airbag is activated. In fact, a small motorcycle or a scooter may topple over, if the rider forgets to disconnect the coiled wire before dismounting. Always disconnect the coiled wire before dismounting.

Q: Does the airbag system only suitable for motorcycle riders?

A: AIRSAV Airbag Safety Jacket is suitable for motorcycle riding, ATV riding and equestrian/horse riding.

Q: Which area of the body that AIRSAV Airbag Safety Jacket can protect?

A: When the AIRSAV Airbag System is actuated, it can effectively and fully protect the following body parts:

  1. Cervical spine (to prevent brain death caused by cervical spine injury)
  2. Spine (to prevent paraplegia caused by spinal injury)
  3. Rib (to prevent fractured ribs puncturing the heart or lung)
  4. Chest (to prevent intrathoracic bleeding)
  5. Abdomen (to prevent intra-abdominal bleeding)
  6. Elbow – additional protection pads (CE certified) can be installed  to the jacket for overall protection

Q: How to install the coiled wire?


For Bike – Left (Correct), Right (Wrong)

For Scooter – Left (Correct), Right (Wrong)

For Equestrian/ Horse Riding – Left (Correct), Right (Wrong)


QCan I wash my jacket as it is?

  1. Do not wash or launder the airbag system. All-in-one airbag/harness type should not be washed/laundered
  2. Airbag system should not be dipped in the water.
  3. Take the airbag system and protectors (shoulder, elbow, back etc.) out from the vest/jacket and wash or launder the vest/jacket only in accordance with the washing instructions.:
  4. How to remove stains: Wipe the surface of the AIRSAV jacket (neck, hip cushions etc.) with a damp cloth to remove stains. Hang it up together with a CO2 cartridge, spray water on its surface with a shower except on the key box which should not get wet.

Q: Warranty?

A: 1 year or 10 times deployment, whichever comes first.


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